Urban Kombucha Review

03 Oct 2016
by Rohitab Batra

Kombucha is a young innovative company founded by Arnaud Gervaix. Arnaud completed his Bachelor's degree from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. He decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream and flew to Canada to train and learn the secrets of brewing kombucha. He returned to Switzerland and set up his company Urban Kombucha together with his friends.

The company has its office and production sites in the city of Molondin in Canton Vaud located in the western part of Switzerland.

Every batch of Urban Kombucha is handcrafted respecting ancient traditions and using an organic kombucha culture that has been carefully perfected by the company. This makes each batch unique and no two batches are alike.

Urban Kombucha is certified organic and is free from any artificial ingredients such as colors, preservatives or flavoring agents.

Final Verdict: We taste tested the Green Tea with Ginger which had a pleasant warm fizzy taste without being too strong and the Green Tea with Mint which left a really refreshing taste perfect for a healthful summer drink.

Website and References: http://www.urbankombucha.ch