Choba Choba Chocolate Box

03 Oct 2016
by Rohitab Batra

Choba Choba is a Swiss limited company headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, founded in 2015 by Christoph Inauen, Eric Garnier and 35 farming families in Peru.

The Choba Choba Chocolate Box, a piece of art with its design inspired by famous Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo, always offers 3 limited edition dark chocolate bars (100g each), elaborated by the best Swiss chocolate maker and made with the best cacaos grown in the Alto Huayabamba valley. Each box is put together using a single cacao variety grown on the small farm of a single farmer among the 35 families involved in the project. The chocolate lover can thus discover the very unique flavour of each of their cacaos, and experience buying his chocolate just like buying his veggies from the local farmers' market. Global made local. The Choba Choba chocolate creations are pure, using only agroforestry cacao beans, organic cacao butter and organic raw cane sugar - nothing else.

The company has a unique approach in the worldwide chocolate industry. In the founders words:

In the chocolate industry today, 3 companies hold 70% of the global business, cacao farmers are paid half of what they received in the 80's, there is an unbalanced distribution of bargaining power in the global cacao chain. The younger generation in producing countries is reluctant to take over the family business as they see no future in cacao farming.

By creating Choba Choba together with the farmers we decided to create a new model and to open the way to thinking and running the chocolate business differently. This is what we proudly call our Chocolate Revolution: giving back to the farmers the value created thanks to their know-how and hard work, letting them define what the true value for their cacao is and sharing with them management, equity and profits. It is time to stop deciding for the farmers. Instead we have chosen to decide with them.

Eric Garnier & Christoph Inauen, Co-Founders

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